Imagine if the entire world
could sit together at one table
& dine in peace?

I'm Sasha Martin,
and I think it's possible.
On October 12, 2013, I'll be working with the Tulsa community as we attempt to place a dish from every country in the world on a 200' stretch of tables at the Philbrook Museum of Art. At this exclusive, limited tasting, guests will be invited to use their plate as their passport and literally taste the world (suggested donation: one non-perishable food item to benefit the Oklahoma Food Bank). The spectacle is both a a peace statement and living art.

The inspiration for this event came from my family: for the last four years my daughter Ava, picky husband, and I have been on an Adventure to eat the world with nothing but ingredients purchased here in Tulsa (as documented on
I decided to bring this event to life because of the overhwelming support of our community and a desire for peace. Now you will be able to eat the world - something that took us four years - in just one afternoon.

This is your chance to Join the Adventure. Will you?